Yaziv Profile



Previously  in Israel, dairy cows were fed  with a mixture (premix) from feed mills enterprise blend with herbage and hay grown by the dairy farmer.

At the end of the 70's, the dairy cows began being fed with Total Mixed Ration (T.M.R- a dose that includes all the ingredients homogeneously).

Beer Tuvia Food Center was established in 1980 in order to provide the needs of the livestock in the settlement.

Initially the Food Center provided silages and byproduct substances and later was a pioneer in the production of T.M.R doses to the various branches of dairy farms.
Over the years, the enterprise began marketing TMR's to clients in other settlements, near and far, and even to barns in the kibbutzim.

In 2001, after the privatization of the settlement (Moshav), the Food Center's name was changed to "Yaziv" and today it is one of the largest food centers in Israel for all branches of ruminates livestock: dairy cows, dry cows, heifers, beef cattle, goats and sheep. As well as its standard production line, Yaziv complies with its customers' demands for specific requirements of feed compositions.

The factory is located in Moshav Be'er Tuvia and it is owned by 35 members of the moshav.

Yaziv  produces about 500 tons of TMRs and mixtures (premixes) per day. The main ingredients of the plant are seeds and press (oil) cakes ("concentrated" food, mainly imported), hay and silages ("coarse food", locally produced), and a variety of byproducts substances from different plants of the human food industrial.  The TMRs are made after careful planning and balancing the needs of the doose according to the objective function by a nutritionist. 

The ingredients and the TMRs go through complex processes of production control, from the toughest in the country, for uncompromising quality of product. The plant's production system is computerized and sophisticated which allows real-time control of production processes.

Yaziv production line is being monitored throughout the entire process by a technical quality supervisor. In addition, Yaziv has a testing laboratory which values: dry matters and ash of the ingredients and the TMRs.

Moreover, Yaziv uses outside analytical laboratory services with uncompromising quality and reliability which are professional in providing chemical and biological support. Three categories of food analysis are available: food safety, food composition and food additives.

In February 2005 the plant was authorized to Iso 9001:2000.
Yaziv provides its clients with consulting services and training. By doing that, it makes it possible to provide professional solutions to the entire range of customer's needs.
The workers in Yaziv are well trained and experienced, some of which deal with their own cattle. Thanks to the combination of owners and employees who come from raising cattle, the plant becomes identified with its clients and their needs, including providing optimum doses in minimum prices.